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Voyage YA

A web design meant to be on the high seas

Vin from Fixel hired us to come up with a unique web design for Voyage Young Adult Literature. He wanted something that would accommodate a lot of content, be incredibly legible while also communicating Voyage’s core principles.

Industry: Young Adult Literary

One of the challenges was to accommodate all of the different content scenarios and to make sure we have a beautiful design that facilitates awesome long-form reading experiences.

We learned a lot about what Voyage was about and their brand thus far. We tapped into an ‘open seas’ motif visually. We created a very cool wave pattern with a dark & murky color palette. The logo was developed with a gradient use, and we took that element adding it to the CTA buttons. That created a really vibrant, heavy, and contrasting look. It was popping! For the typography, we chose a Serif for the headlines and a sans-serif for reading as we found that combo to read exceptionally well and provide enough character to keep things interesting.

We designed the pages for desktop and mobile, then built the website using Elementor Pro. We developed a color palette and exported out graphics for Voyage to use in their collateral.

Fun Facts: Libre Baskerville, Libre Franklin, Header.js, Elementor

Tools Used:

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