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Your brand will evolve, embrace it. Have fun with it!

Your brand will evolve, embrace it. Have fun with it!

Posted October 12, 2018
, by tickyboom
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Maybe it is just me, but I have the most awesome realizations while sitting at a coffee shop.
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👋 Epiphanies

Usually, this epiphany is revealed from a source that was right in front of my face the whole time. The obvious sometimes is not so obvious, to me at least.

As I was sipping a cold brew, I was thinking about how our brand and brand aesthetic had changed over the years. That's when it dawned on me. Of course, it had. Our brand was and will always be connected to us on a personal, human level. Especially for us being small biz. That was a liberating moment for us. This article is how an epiphany can be actually worked out and implemented. Fun!

Swish Swish

👀 Why would your brand evolve?

Sometimes there is a perception or a mentality that your brand is separate from you. To a certain degree, it is, but I would make the argument that it is impossible to have a brand be entirely separated from the folks running it. If the brand is disconnected from the humans behind it, then what is the brands' purpose? By embracing the fact that your brand will always be connected to your humanity, that can empower you to be as authentic in your voice as you can be. It is you, celebrate it.

Your brands' evolution will always be a result of the shift in your mentality. For better or worse, by embracing that change - it will empower you to tell this new story with impact and authenticity.

🙏🏻 How can you embrace change?

One of the things I am continually learning is this: A mistake is not a failure, but an opportunity to learn.

Whoa, let that sink in. It really is not that corny, but super powerful. With change comes mishaps, getting used to things, and just plain piss port mistakes. Never beat yourself or your brand up. Embrace this as a chance to level up. Make a colossal brand voice blunder? Fix it. Move on. Wrong a potential customer on Twitter? Send them free swag, an apology and try to not let it happen again. Folks can be pretty forgiving if you are genuine in your relationship with them.

Embrace Change

Another fantastic way to embrace change is to be in love with the uncomfortable. Recently we came to the realization that motion and whimsy genuinely are part of our voice and personality. We knew that we needed to learn how to do that digitally. That meant, amongst other things, we needed to learn how to manipulate graphics and code to animate on the web. Coding. Uggh I personally dislike it, at least I did before embracing our change. By diving into learning how to code animation, I learned that I actually like coding when it is connected to my authentic inner voice. We also realize that this new skill will also serve our future clients in a HUGE way. All because we embraced uncomfortable, boring change. Now it is this invigorating and beautiful new language we can speak.

Embrace your voice. No matter what that may mean. Your future clients or customers will hug you for it.

🔥 Go kick some butt

We hope this little brand bite into your connection with your brand helps empower you to just go do the thing. Don’t beat yourself up. Embrace your ever-evolving self. As long as you aren’t kicking your client’s cat, you can do no permanent wrong if you have an authentic connection with them. Promise.

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