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Graphic Design Duo out of Concord, CA.
Logo, Brand, Web & Print design.

Tickyboom Design - Logo, Brand Identity, Web, Print, Illustration, SEO, Web Maintenance - Bay Area, CA
Logo & Brand Identity Design - Bay Area, CA
Logo + Brand

Logo Development, Brand Direction, Brand Development, Naming Help.

Web Design from Tickyboom - Concord, CA
Responsive Web

Responsive & Beautiful Design, Impacting Story Telling, Brand Activator.

Print Design - Bay Area, CA - Tickyboom
Print & Fine Art

A unique communication on paper, A fine art touch with our prints.

Illustration Design - Tickyboom - Concord, CA

Icons, Scenes, Brand Voice - Your vision with impact.

SEO Service from Tickyboom - Concord, CA
Basic SEO

Google, Yandex, Bing - Get found!

Website Maintenance Service - Tickyboom - Bay Area, CA
Website Care

Backups, Updates, Security - Sleep better at night.

Meet Tickyboom Design - Bay Area, CA

Tickyboom is a Husband + Wife Graphic Design Duo with 10+ years experience. We believe in rolling up our sleeves, and doing the hard + gratifying work of making your vision come to life.

5 To-Do's To Help You Get An Amazing Logo
5 To-Do’s To Help You Get An Amazing Logo
We are writing this article to help you have a fab relationship with the designer who is developing your logo. This article will also help you understand some elements that go into developing a logo. Fun right? Here is five to-do’s to get you on the right path to logo gold: Numero Uno: Know Yourself…
How To Use Asana - Video Tutorial Series
How To Use Asana: Video Tutorial Series
 Project Management Royalty We use Asana for project management. It is free, and easy to use. It greatly helps us keep our projects running smoothly, and gives you, the client, an easy way of keeping track of your tasks. We did a quick video tutorial series on how to use Asana especially for you,…
Brand Bites: Experience Is Your Magic
Brand Bites: Experience Is Your Magic
A lot of times there is a great misconception that a logo is your brand. A lot of times we get hired to help develop a brand, and the conversation never goes beyond a logo, colors, or graphics. When we bring up experience, voice & future goals there is a disconnect. That is ok &…