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We are Tickyboom.

Elevating brands with hella bomb identity, strategy, illustration, & web design.

About Us

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1. Husband and Wife graphic design duo.
2. Ti = Tim, cky = Nicky, boom = Our Work!
3. Of a cute, humorous, unique, and super professional nature.

Our focus is to leverage our services to elevate your brand. With every project we strive to maximize, improve, and boomify your brand.

We have been passionate designers and artists most of our lives. Nicky’s super power is illustration while Tim’s superpower is digital art. It’s a perfect compliment. We both are traditionally trained along with training on the job. We both have agency and freelance experience. We are passionate about design and customer service and want your brand to thrive.
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Tim Preut

Co-Creator, Founder, Digital Cowboy 

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Nicky Preut

Co-Creator, Founder, Paper Nerd

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Hella Bomb Services.


Logo Identity
Brand Strategy
Brand Development
Brand Styleguides
Collateral & Print 


Icon Development
Website Illustrations
Coloring Books
Brand Visuals 

website design

Multi-page website
1-page website
Brand Development
Icon & Illustrations

We also offer website maintenance, hosting & monthly retainers to help you thrive with your website.

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Our Process

To start off our project, we will get to know you, your needs, & goals. We do that through a discovery call, questionnaire, and asking a lot of questions. It is super important to us and the integrity of the project that we get a clear scope fleshed out, so we can design with confidence. This stage will also help you greatly as well. Clarity equals trust. Trust equals success.
Before a pencil hits paper or a computer is fired up, we go into a deep dive into your existing business and brand. Questionnaires and discovery calls are essential tools here. Developing a brand takes a lot of work and sleuthing. We do our very best to listen to you, and your business goals while also mining hidden gems to illuminate.
We start with a discovery call to get the details of what we will be illustrating. We like to understand a bit about your brand and business as well, as we love to illuminate the powerful aspects of your business. We will scope out a full list of illustrations and deliverables for you to use them efficiently.
A website can be extremely complicated in the sheer amount of info we need to corral and make beautiful. We start with a questionnaire, discovery call, and a sitemap before we get into design. An excellent & clear foundation paves the way for success.
With a clear scope in hand, we get to designing. Depending on the service, we will handle deliverables different. But, what remains the same is we set a schedule to help you know what milestones to expect. We then go into our design lab and get to work. This stage is incredibly fun. Bringing all those answered questions to life.
When working with identities or anything brand development, we have a first-round presenting concepts or our sure-fire pick. In this first round, we will do our best to show our directions in a realistic manner using mockups and real-life solutions to show the value of our design decisions. After this round, a concept is chosen by you to move forward with, and we will refine and roll out for one last review before we finalize and deliver.
Our first round is presenting concepts or one direction to move forward with. Depending on our relationship with you, we will send you early sketches. An illustration can be very involved, and we want to make sure we are on track and rocking your brand the whole way. Then we will make any refinements and adjustments and then finalize the illustration for your use.
We will do a round of static design before we move into the browser. This round gives us maximum flexibility and creativity and allows you to get an idea of the full website design rollout ahead of time. You can expect to see a minimum of desktop and mobile mockups to approve. Once the initial design is approved (usually homepage, nave, footer), we will start building the site while rolling out the rest of the design for your approval.
The design is finalized. You are jazzed. We are stoked. Now its time to give you your design in a format you can use, browse, print, smile to. We usually use Dropbox and it’s many incredible platforms to deliver your final deliverables. If it’s a website, we transfer it to your host. Our philosophy is… keep it simple. We strive for that in delivering your design for it’s intended use.
For brand development assets, we export out quite a bit to use right away and have for future uses. With logos, we will export out many different formats and orientations to use, along with a simple Brand style guide to help guide your visual brand use in the wild. This style guide will be invaluable to you and your team.
Depending on the illustrations use, we export the needed asset for your project. We usually export out a generic file format version in the highest possible quality to use the illustration in other applications. We also are available to coordinate with a printer of your choice to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.
Once the site is built, we do a round of QA from ourselves and you. Once the site is thoroughly swept over for bugs, we then deploy it on your hosting and then do one more sweep for any bugs. After we both feel the site is fully ready to launch, we launch it!

Design Work

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Design Journal

Our Side Projects

Our side projects are what we are passionate about. So much so that we have devoted a ton of time and resources to them. Most of the time they are intended for you. Enjoy!

Milo's Coloring

We participated in 36 Days Of Type & decided to make a coloring book for our son & you.

Beaver Builder Typesetter

We are freaks about web typography. We made a tool to easily set type with Beaver Builder.

Our Invitation

Our start in design together was with invitation design. Mini site coming soon! 

Our Music

Music is our creative fuel. We created these curated mixtapes for you. Enjoy!